Pave the way for innovation in NZEB

Pave the way for innovation in NZEB

AZEB (Affordable Zero Energy Buildings) aims to achieve significant construction and lifecycle cost reductions of new NZEB’s through integral process optimization in all construction phases. Optimizing construction processes to fully integrate available solutions in the areas of process, technology and contracting is seen as the largest potential in lifecycle cost reduction. The project will create a common methodology for cost effective NZEB. In the 30-month AZEB project 8 partners from Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, France and The Netherlands work together till end 2019.

The main steps of the AZEB project are:

  • Evaluate available experience and solutions
  • Create a common methodology for cost reduction
  • Apply the methodology to demonstration projects
  • Finalise the methodology including lessons learned
  • Disseminate the results

The project will pave the way for the process and organizational innovation in construction, to enable significant cost reduction and solid market acceptance of NZEB’s.

Work packages

The AZEB project consists of 6 work packages (WP’s):

  • WP1 – Set of solutions from previous experience, literature and case studies
  • WP2 – A methodology for developing cost effective NZEB with RES
  • WP3 – Impact demonstration in real projects
  • WP4 – Material for training and guidance
  • WP5 – Communication, dissemination and exploitation
  • WP6 – Project management and coordination

High quality training material

In AZEB high quality material for training and guidance for the specific target groups will be created. Pilot groups will be run to test and improve the material and finally training will be run to enhance the skills of the targeted groups on cost reduction methodologies. This will include specific training units e.g. on the use of the OPCR methodology, lean, building service concepts, specific type of contracts, etc.

In addition, a supporting decisionmaking tool and information material on best-practice solutions will be provided to construction experts in order to support them in their effort to reduce the costs of their building projects.

Informational material will be produced for the building users which covers information on use, monitoring and maintenance. The goal of the information is to improve the end-user experience. Guidelines on comfort questionnaires for the end-users will complete the material.

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