Low-cost ventilation systems win Component Award 2018

The Component Award of the Passive House Insitute rewards and showcases well designed components that can make a true difference in the market of energy efficient building. This year the competition was co-financed through AZEB. 

The 2018 competition has shown that low-cost solutions are already available for ventilation systems, especially for smaller dwellings.

PHI Component Award 2018

Pluggplan system

Based on the life cycle costs, the decentral solutions by Pluggit GmbH, Vaventis BV and BluMartin had the lowest additional costs compared with an exhaust-only system. With these ventilation solutions, the annual extra costs for increased comfort due to pre-heated and filtered supply air are no more than 20 to 70 Euros.

PHI Component Award 2018

The overall evaluation consisting of the jury‘s decision and assessment of the life cycle costs showed that the cost-effective solutions were successful here too.

Two first prizes

This year two first prizes were awarded, one for the decentralised façade-integrated concept by the company Vaventis BV and the second for the apartment-wise centralised concept by the company Pluggit GmbH. Especially noteworthy here are the easy-to-integrate and cost-effective solutions for smaller dwelling units in particular.

PHI Component Award 2018

Ventilation unit for roof top installation by J. Pichler GmbH

Two second prizes

The two second prizes went to the centralised ventilation solution by the company Pichler GmbH and to the centralised façade-integrated concept by the company BluMartin.

What counted in the jury‘s decision was the level of comfort achieved with reference to air quality and sound protection as well as appropriate integration and a small space demand for ventilation technology. In addition, planning aspects such as hygiene and easy maintenance were also taken into account in the evaluation.

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Component Award 2018