Demonstration with real NZEB buildings

AZEB will demonstrate energy and cost reduction impacts and comfort improvement in real NZEB buildings in different climate conditions, using existing quantified and qualitative indicators and targets. The impact of the developed methodology can thus be assessed and optimized based on the case studies and the demonstration project.

Also several co-benefits will be studied:

  • social sustainability factors
  • real estate value and occupancy standards
  • environmental impact from a global perspective

The work will be carried out by implementation of solutions and use of specific analyzing tools in virtual comparisons of new real NZEB buildings vs. the same buildings built in a conventional way according to the national codes.

A demonstration project will be set up performing a value engineering study in the planning phase of an eco-district with a variety of residential buildings. Beside the technological solutions, emphasis in this demonstration project will be on specific process and district solutions from the methodology.