Call for entries Component Award 2019

More attention to thermally improved windows for all is the aim of the Component Award. In order to accelerate the uptake of windows with advanced thermal efficiency, the Passive House Institute is organising this competition again in 2019, supported by the EU funded AZEB project.

Component Award 2019 AZEB

In order to make a significant contribution to climate protection, these further improved windows must enter the global mainstream. The Component Award 2019 will definitely speed up growth and expansion.

Participation in the award is possible for all manufacturers with a certified passive house window. The Passive House comfort- and hygiene criteria are to be achieved by the window at the manufacturer’s location, in its installed form and with a shading device. The geographically closest climate data set of the passive house planning package applies. One installation situation is specified by the Passive House Institute; additional installations can also be submitted. More technical information can be found here.

Registration closes at 1 March 2019

Winners of the Component Award 2019 will receive a trophy, which, at the request of the participants, will be presented at the 23rd International Passive House Conference (September China). In addition, the winner’s windows will be exhibited at the Passive House Institute’s booth at the conference. Registration closes at 1 March 2019.

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