AZEB workshop on Dutch trade fair: more value for less money

Without the input and efforts of residents, we can not fight climate change and will not make the transition to living without a gass connection, which is a major issue in the Netherlands at the moment.

The AZEB workshop at the national Renovation Trade fair end May therefore put the client in the centerpoint. The workshop ‘More value for less money’ was a glimpse into the making of the new NZEB methodology, which is the aim of the European project AZEB: Affordable Zero Energy Buildings. Two parts of the NZEB methodology were presented.

In the AZEB project eight parties from six EU countries are working on the NZEB methodology that integrates all construction disciplines for energy-neutral construction, from design phase to completion. The new methodology will lead to more cost-efficiency in energy-neutral building and also to more value for less money for the user. Two team members of Dutch AZEB partner DNA in de bouw organized the workshop.

Customer journey and lifecycle cost calculation

The two subjects presented during the workshop are an important part of the methodology. With the help of a customer journey the client / resident is the centerpoint for the NZEB methodology. Based on this customer journey, the wishes and bottlenecks of a resident will be included in the methodology.

The second element of the methodology consists of a lifecycle cost calculation with a focus on costs, comfort and health. By calculating the costs of the total lifecycle of a building, insight is gained for the user of the actual value of energy-saving measures.

Workshop calculated 3 situations

During the AZEB workshop on the trade fair, three different situations for a house from 2010 were made visible:

  1. Option 1: nothing changes in the house
  2. Option 2: the house makes an energy label leap with a number of energy-saving measures
  3. Option 3: the house is brought to the mandatory new construction level in 2020: NZEB

The differences between the standard approach to payback periods for energy-saving measures and the method presented aroused a lively discussion.

Renovatiebeurs 2018 DNA in de BouwRenovatiebeurs 2018 DNA in de bouw

Lively interaction between workshop participants and Dutch team member Harrie Beernink (black jacket).

Integral is better and cheaper

Prior to the workshop, Dutch AZEB team member Saskia de Jong gave a brief introduction to the project on the main stage, followed by DNA chairman and expert Carl-peter Goossen, who talked about the upcoming major revolution: everything will become NZEB. This requires a completely different view on building. We always looked at investments, now it is about investments + exploitation. Carl-peter calculated: an integrated approach by fewer companies saves at least half of the investments. AZEB is researching the optimization of that approach, for new construction and renovation. Integral is better and cheaper. That is new for the Netherlands and also for Europe.

Renovatiebeurs 2018 DNA in de Bouw

Dutch team member Saskia de Jong on the main stage of the national Renovation Trade fair 2018.

Building blocks for European NZEB methodology mapped out

In the report Set of Solutions for Affordable Zero Energy Buildings existing knowledge in Europe has been brought together in one document. It contains the first building blocks for the NZEB methodology and summarizes the main identified cost drivers for nearly zero energy buildings compared to traditional buildings. These solutions are to be integrated into a step-by-step decision making guideline. Access the free download here (English).