AZEB | Affordable Zero Energy Buildings

About AZEB

AZEB (Affordable Zero Energy Buildings) aims to achieve significant construction and lifecycle cost reductions of new NZEB’s through integral process optimization in all construction phases. Optimizing construction processes to fully integrate available solutions in the areas of process, technology and contracting is seen as the largest potential in lifecycle cost reduction. The project will create a common methodology for cost effective NZEB. In the 30-month AZEB project 8 partners from Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, France and The Netherlands work together till end 2019.
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Without the input and efforts of residents, we can not fight climate change and will not make the transition to living without a gass connection, which is a major issue in the Netherlands at the moment.

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This report summarizes all solutions collected through the EU project Affordable Zero Energy Buildings (AZEB) so far, until april 2018. They are the building blocks for the methodology to be developed within the project.

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The Component Award of the Passive House Insitute rewards and showcases well designed components that can make a true difference in the market of energy efficient building. This year the competition was co-financed through AZEB. 

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After finishing the first phase of reviewing and analysing previous experiences and literature, on 15 and 16 March 2018 the AZEB partners got together for a partner meeting in Darmstadt, hosted by the Passive House Institute.

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Politecnico Milano

Technical University Italy

Passive House Institute (PHI)

Research institute Germany

Oberon Konzeptbau

Contractor Bulgaria / Germany

Obrascón Huarte Lain (OHL)

International contractor Spain


Housing corporation Spain


Private research institute of Spain


Private non-profit research institute France

DNA in de Bouw

Network sustainable SME contstruction and installation sector (NL) also project coordinator